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Welcome to S P I T S A

SPITSA — The acronym for Supernatural Phenomena Investigation Team of South Africa, with headquarter based in Johannesburg. The group was established in April 2008 by the two principal members, Tracey Johnson (Founder), Mitch Tuba (Co-Founder) and Technical Manager.SPITSA is proudly South African. Read More

We are affiliated to...

 American Association of Paranormal Investigators



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Vision Statement

“To serve the community in which we reside and operate in where the group is called upon to document any allegation/s of paranormal or unexplained activity.”


Document findings and present such to the client, in a professional and benevolent manner in order to create a positive, constructive and credible reputation.


To fulfill the need of knowing whether an investigation site is in fact, haunted, and or whether there has been any paranormal or unexplained activity present.

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